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plane ticket
plane ticket

Bragazzi’s opened in Sheffield in 2003 and is owned by Matteo Bragazzi. It is an outlier and safe haven for people who enjoy the “qualcosa in più“.

Matteo has a brother, Dino, they often holiday together. In Rome one evening, enjoying a Shakerato, Matteo’s mind drifted. Sorry to see him this way, Dino started up a monologue on their family history of Italian dining in London. Their father had come over, like so many others, and made a business of selling food.

As Dino reached a point about the Corradi brothers, Matteo recognised his fate as the same. And so, the bet was placed over a plastic table, outside a bar in Fiano Romano on that hot evening in 2002. They did a big shop with help from Zia Maria and floated it to England, ready for the cafe to come.

A busy cafe